The Wintersmith

I finally got around to reading Wintersmith* and rather liked the image of the Wintersmith handing Tiffany her necklace in the snowy woods.
It started out as a speed painting but was rather blah, so I bounced it off Sean and with his suggestions managed to make this out of it,** which is actually presentable, hurrah!
I've been meaning to update this blog more often but if you look back and see how much of that I've done, well, that is exactly how much recreational drawing I've been doing lately. Must fix that.
*Most recent Discworld novel, but it's a Tiffany one which, while better than most other YA novels out there, did not warrant the urgency of, say, a Watch book or Making Money.
**...though that nullified the 'speed' side of it. Oh well, greater good and all that.